Nikhil Amalean

Nikhil Amalean is a second-generation owner and board director at MAS. He is also the first from his generation in the Amalean family to be appointed as an apparel board member.

At MAS, Nikhil has played several diverse roles from operations to merchandising and innovation. He played a key role in growing MAS’ partnership with Nike and led the company's group wide strategy to transform MAS into an end-to-end apparel tech solution provider. In his current role, Nikhil provides leadership to MAS’ business expansion and growth strategy, such as developing the FemTech and Wearable technology space at MAS.

Nikhil also sits on the Investment Committee at the family office where he articulates the wealth management mandate, portfolio strategy, and provides direction to the investment team.

Nikhil’s experience in diverse roles has helped build his skill and expertise in building relationships, strategic thinking and investments. A firm believer of the notion that innovation occurs at the seams, Nikhil brings energy and entrepreneurial thinking to fuel new growth opportunities at MAS.

Nikhil has earned a bachelor's degree from Boston University’s School of Management, and an MBA at INSEAD Business School.