Chelan Goonetilleke

Chief Executive Officer - MAS ACTIVE

With over 30 years in the Apparel Industry and 15 years with MAS, Chelan is currently the CEO of MAS Active, which is the sportswear and athleisure arm of MAS.

Chelan’s journey with MAS began in 2005 when he joined MAS Active to head the Off-Site Production and Embellishment Execution following which he took on the role of General Manager of MAS Active Asialine.

In 2008 he assumed the role of Director Operations of MAS Active Linea Intimo where he was able to stabilise the business by operationally realigning the business unit. Considering this turnaround, Chelan was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of MAS Active Linea Intimo, where he was responsible for overlooking the Seamless business of MAS Active and was instrumental in driving growth by nurturing an entrepreneurial and innovative culture. In 2017, Chelan was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of MAS Active where he continues to drive growth with a passion for success.

He has been a part of the Executive Program for Growing Companies at Stanford Business School and holds a Degree in Business Administration awarded by the Open University of Sri Lanka. Chelan is also currently a certified member of the Clothing and Footwear Institute in London.